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REBCRDU - they were there to learn why and how.

I have been saying it for a long time, I wrote about it before as well in my post Tools or Technique. Real estate agents need to understand why they should use certain platforms and tools, to understand the reasoning behind the how before they jump on board. I spend hours every week talking to agents who have a variety of platforms they use, or products, and they think they are a waste.

The only time something is a waste is if you do not understand the “why” and “how” of the thing. Whether it is a social platform, a software programs, a lead generation tool, or any other number of tools available to us these days – you have to know why you want them, and how you plan to use them. My friend Daniel Rothamel wrote a nice post about the overuse of “tool talk”on his Real Estate Zebra Blog the other day, entitled “Let’s Put the Tool Talk on Hold” – and his point was valid.

My friend Chris Brogan also addressed this, I remember him talking about it during his presentation at the 140 Conference in Boston and also on his blog, the quote Chris used and I love it “No one ever asked Hemingway what kind of pencils he used to write his books” – the point is that simple, and Chris stated it simply and eloquently. His point of quality of content drives home the problem I see in how we are educating agents to use these “tools”.

The point I take from both of these gentlemen, and one I have made myself is just that it doesn’t matter what your tools are, it is what you do with them. Understanding the “why’s” and “how’s” is more important than whether you use Tumblr or WordPress, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. As a Fine Art major I took classes to learn the techniques, to understand the why and how of each tool, I didn’t have the most expensive ones, or always used Arches paper, but I understood the “why” and “how” of everything I did. That gave me the essentials I need to make any tool work as I want it to.

There is nothing different in the utilization of the social platforms and tools for real estate. If you don’t understand how the tools work, and why you want to work with them, creating a business plan for yourself, you will truly only be wasting your time. Worse yet, you will be wasting the time of those around you. I wish people would stop just telling agents what they need to use and tell them the “why” and “how” so they can have a good solid foundation for when they do use the tools.

I plan to address this when Human Business Works and I launch our real estate social media education and community website. That’s my plan. What’s your plan?

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    Maya – a very good post. People need to worry more about action and let the results follow. The people who spend all day exploring which tool to use will never – as Seth Godin likes to say – “ship.”

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